Adam Savage and his Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

It’s no secret that I love Mythbusters, and I am absolutely crazy about Adam Savage! I have said quite a few times that he is my “favourite human”.
I’ve spent countless hours watching them blowing stuff up and testing ridiculous myths.
It was so sad to see the show ending earlier this year. Where was I gonna get my science “fix”?


You can imagine my excitement when I found out that I can still find Adam on the Tested Youtube channel!!
On this channel, he does a weekly podcast called “Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project”.
He also does “One Day Builds” where he builds a costume or any random item in 1 day. There are tons of videos and hours and hours of Adam!!!! (can you feel how excited I am?)
Most of the items he builds are either costumes (Adam loves cosplay) or gadgets that he uses around his workshop.

After watching a lot of Tested videos, I noticed that Adam seems to be wearing a rather nice watch.
I started digging through their video archive and found an old video where Adam shows his “EDC” or “Every Day Carry” items.
These are items that he carries with him every day. And guess what? He mentions the watch!

The watch was a gift from his wife a few years ago after they renegotiated their Mythbusters contract.
This got me super excited and I HAD to find out which model and reference number it is!
Any watch lover like myself would easily see that it’s an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph…..but thats not enough for me. I have to know the exact model and reference!

I started Googling for more pictures of the watch. It turns out that Adam wears this watch a lot. It’s probably his only watch.

A shot of the watch in the EDC Video
A shot of the watch in the EDC Video
Another shot from the video. You can see that this watch gets worn a lot by looking at the wear on the bracelet
Adam preparing to build something in his workshop while wearing the watch


Another workshop video with the watch clearly visible.

He also wore the watch on the set of Mythbusters!

Adam being a badass while the Walrus is watching


Adam and the Walrus (Jamie Hyneman)

I noticed in the picture of him firing the gun, the watch seems to be a little different. The arabic numerals appear to be orange or red while in the other photos the watch clearly has white numerals. Does he have 2 of these watches?


After some more research I narrowed down the exact model numbers.
The watch that he is wearing in the photo with the gun (red or orange numerals) is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph ref: 2210.51.00
The one with the white numerals is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph ref: 2210.50.00
They are basically identical watches, except for the colour of the numerals.

James Bond

In the video, Adam mentions that this is the watch worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.
This got my watch nerd senses tingling and it also required some research!

I quickly realised that this is not true (sorry Adam)
In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig wore the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ref: 2900.50.91 which is obviously a completely different watch to Adam’s one.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ref: 2900.50.91 worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale
Daniel Craig crawling through sand wearing his Planet Ocean


James Bond being James Bond

I’ve always been crazy about Adam Savage, but after finding out that he also loves his watch, I love him even more!


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