I Found an Awesome Vintage Watch Site

I’m constantly looking for watch related blogs and shops on the internet. Every now and then I find something brilliant, and today was one of those days!
I discovered a great vintage watch site, Timelime.watch after browsing around on the Watchuseek forumshttp://www.timeline.watch

The site literally has a timeline of watches (as its name suggests) going from 1900 until 2000.
There is a slider at the top of the page with 5 year increments. You can click on any of these increments. It will then show you a bunch of vintage watches from that year.You can then click on any watch and it will open a page which gives you more info about the watch.
As you scroll down the page, the slider at the top also moves through the years.

You can even submit your own watches to the site!
You need at least 5 photos of your watch as well as a short description for the site. They will then review your submission and post it on the site.

The owner of the site gives the following details about himself on the “Our Story” page:

“I was born a collector. As a child, I used to collect seashells, coins, stamps, magnets, stuff that glows in the dark, basically anything.
At the age of ten I got a Roskopf pocket watch. I remember staying awake all night cleaning, polishing and staring at the gift. So I became a fanatic vintage watch collector. Thirty-five years later, I still spend nights scrutinizing my favorite watch, normally the last one acquired.
As my collection has steadily expanded, so has my desire to share it. First, came an Instagram account, where I could meet crazy people like me. Then, came the need to make something bigger out of it.”

I can think of a very good use for this site. Sellers on E-Bay or other online shops often sell watches with replaced hands, relumed dials or unoriginal parts. You should be able to spot any obvious differences by comparing the watch you would like to buy to the one on Timelime.watch. Let me know if you can think of any other uses for the site.

Here are some of my favourite watches from the site

Longines Flyback Chronograph from 1945
Longines Flyback Chronograph from 1945
1971 Zenith el Primero
1971 Zenith el Primero
1951 Heuer Dato-Compax
1951 Heuer Dato-Compax


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