HOAX: Rolex warranty policy has been updated! (Not in a good way)

This has been proven as a hoax. Please ignore the info in this post

The news has not been publicly announced yet, but Rolex warranty policy has been updated and this will impact a lot of existing and future Rolex customers.

A lot changes in the Rolex warranty policy

A few months ago, Rolex came with some great news. The Rolex warranty policy for all new watches and including watches bought in the last two years would have a total warranty of 5 years starting from the purchase date. And as if this wasn’t an exciting announcement already, Rolex announced a new standard for accuracy tolerance : all their watches should run between -2 and +2 seconds per day (while still being COSC certified)! For us watch enthusiasts and accuracy freaks this was both an extraordinary news and a shock.

Now, it has been confirmed by Rolex headquarters that the Rolex warranty policy has been updated and the big news is that Rolex warranties are now totally non-transferable.

You are probably now wondering what are the impact of this announcement. Here’s the thing…when you buy a watch from an authorized dealer, you also get a little green card with your information and the Authorized Dealer’s stamp. This warranty card is not transferable any more since the Rolex warranty policy update.

This little card is now 100% non-transferable

As a result, when you buy a Rolex from the grey market, you do not have a warranty with your watch any more. Even if you have that Rolex warranty green card, even if this card wasn’t filled out and that you can enter your name. But that’s not it yet, if you buy a Rolex pre-owned, the warranty is void as well and even if it is still theoretically under warranty as you weren’t the original owner in the first place.

How does Rolex check the validity of a warranty claim?

When you buy a Rolex watch at an AD, they photocopy the filled in green warranty card and send it to Rolex. Whenever a watch is sent under warranty, Rolex checks for that photocopy and it has to match your name. If they don’t have your card in their records and you can’t provide the original bill of sale from the AD, then you are charged for a service (or they might even refuse to service your watch).

This doesn’t concern Tudor yet, but I don’t see any reason this shouldn’t be the case in the near future. This is a way for Rolex to control grey market sales and their overall distribution, even if this hurts many genuine Rolex customers.
My recommendation would be for you to carefully consider where you buy your Rolex watch knowing the consequences it might have on your warranty.

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