My 5 Likes and Dislikes of the Seiko Turtle

When I got my Seiko Turtle, it was my first “watch nerdy” watch.
It was also my first mechanical Seiko. I’ve had a few quartz ones before.
I noticed how all the Youtubers and bloggers were going crazy about the Seiko SKX, Monster, Turtle etc., so I thought I would give it a try.

Here are my 5 likes and dislikes about this watch.
I have to point out the the “dislikes” are very minor. There is nothing about this watch that is extremely negative.

Having some Japanese tea with my Seiko Turtle.


1. Lume

Everyone knows that Seiko has awesome lume.
They use a compound called “Lumibrite” to lume their watches.
Once you charge it up and turn out the lights, it shines like a torch!

My Turtle shines like a torch


The lume is just barely visible in this night time shot at the V&A Waterfront

2. Bracelet

For a watch that costs as little as the turtle does, the bracelet is excellent.
I have tried on much more expensive watches and their bracelets are very similar to the Turtle.

3. Movement

The Turtle uses Seiko’s 4R36 movement. I find it to be very accurate. It’s usually about +5 to +10 seconds a day. That is very accurate and acceptable for a watch of this price.

4. Looks good on all straps

I have tried this watch on metal bracelets, Nato’s, leather straps etc.
It has never looked bad on any strap that I put it on!


5. Overall quality at low price

The watch’s overall quality is great. The case has both brushed as well as polished surfaces, and they are very well done.
As mentioned before, the bracelet is also of a very high quality compared to other watches at this price. The hour markers seem to pop out of the dial and it’s very legible.



1. Bezel

The bezel on the Turtle is good, but it’s not great.
It has a 120 click bezel similar to the one on the Seiko SKX.
The bezel on the SKX just feels a bit better, and that’s a bit of a disappointment, because the Turtle is supposed to be an upgrade to the SKX

2. Hands are too short

The hands just feel a tiny bit too short.
I like it when watches have long hands that almost touch the case.
The turtle’s hands don’t even reach the minute track. I wish they were just a tiny bit longer.

3. Counterweight\Lume on second hand

The counterweight and lume is on the rear end of the second hand.
I prefer when it is on the front tip. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you put it on the rear end?

4. Partition between day/date

This will sound a bit but crazy, but between the day and date wheel it is possible to see the curve of the wheels. They should have added a separate window for day and date. Then the curve wouldn’t be visible (I know…I’m OCD like that).

5. Alignment issue

My watch did not have this issue, but on lots of Seiko divers the Bezel pip, minute track and 12:00 marker don’t align. I’ve seen many people complaining about this online, but luckily mine is perfect. (see the red line below)

Alignment (red line)

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